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BO X7 


In 2010, we began our journey in film production as a group of amateurs, creating short films that garnered recognition and achieved numerous local and international awards. With the launch of the Saudi Vision 2030, we embraced our official identity as "Box Seven" to share our authentic Saudi narratives.

Our Vision:

At Box7, our aspiration is to become one of the production companies dedicated to creating unique and authentic films that reflect the diversity of our Saudi culture and the vastness of our geography.

Our Mission:

We strive to produce Saudi films with engaging stories and unique visuals that reach a wide audience through film festivals. Additionally, we are committed to promoting film literacy through training programs.



The aim is to develop and produce cinematic and dramatic works with a unique identity and economic return, while emphasizing the diversity of styles and combining the generic and the artistic, while preserving originality. Promoting them locally and internationally.

Writing with Pen
  • Writing and Development:

Writing projects for cinematic films and series - documentaries and dramas.

  • Creative Consulting:

We help develop projects and conduct technical studies for projects.

  • Production

Producing films and series with high artistic quality that achieve the identity of the BOX7

  • Training

Creating training opportunities for Saudis to work on our projects, from the development and writing stages to production.

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